The St. Louis Metropolitan Research Exchange

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Welcome to the St. Louis Metropolitan Research Exchange!

What We Do:

The STLMRE is a consortium of academic scholars from universities and institutions across the St. Louis metropolitan area.

This virtual center provides a forum for the many voices of urban studies in the region, encouraging collaboration and the sharing of scholarly information. Our work informs urban policies with refined research, helping to build sustainable neighborhoods and cities.

The STLMRE editors compile reports and articles from each of their institutions regarding the following:

* Programs; forums, talk series, and studio exhibits
* Scholarly research; books, papers (ongoing, completed, presenting to conferences)
* News and events that impact the St. Louis region

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Why We Do It:

The Mission of the St. Louis Metropolitan Research Exchange is to share information about past,present,and future research in the St. Louis Region.


2014 Tatom Emerging Scholar Best Paper Award
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